It's the thought that counts, right?
Fic: “It’s the way”


Word Count: 2100

Rating: M

Warnings: Frottage, non-penetrative sex, meantions of versitality

Summary: “They may kiss like teenagers who just went steady but they fuck like adults.”

A/N: This was just supposed to be pure porn but of course it became that and more including snippets of kurt and blaine’s entire sexual history and habits with some feelings sprinkled on top.


It’s the way Kurt crawls across the bed on his knees to gently take his face between his hands so he can kiss him.

It’s the way he goes in almost carefully and backs off between every kiss like he can’t stay too close for too long but quickly stops caring.

It’s the way he holds him, how he uses tender touches to guide the kiss without taking the lead.

It’s the way he’s confident in how he kisses but left so breathless and giggly when it stops being chaste.

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Coffeeshop AU based off of this picture. This has been sitting in my docs for months unfinished, and I don’t know if it’s been done already for Klaine, but if it has, I’m sorry for being repetitive! PG, ~1500 words. Can also be found on AO3

When Santana landed a job at a coffee shop a few blocks from the diner, Kurt immediately jumped at the opportunity. He needed the extra money, and it was easy enough to talk Santana into getting him an interview. He had experience from working at the Lima Bean and luckily, the owner was so in need of help that Kurt was offered the job on the spot. After some strategic planning, he was able to work a couple shifts a week into his schedule.

Compared to the high energy environment of the diner, working at a quiet coffee shop was a nice break in his week. It always smelled of fresh cookies and dark roast beans, and Kurt genuinely enjoyed making cups of gourmet coffee for patrons. He moved around the counter like a machine, and once he got into a rhythm, he was pretty good at it.

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my ascent into adulthood


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Things I accomplished in 2013:









1. I’m alive still

2. I didn’t get pregnant.

3. Not addicted to drugs

4. I didn’t kill anybody.

5. Spent more time on the internet

6. Joined more fandoms

7. Had no sex.


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This part kills me.  Blaine grabs Kurt’s hand when he starts freaking out.

And then Kurt pulls Blaine’s hand closer to him

And starts petting Blaine’s hand with his thumb. *_____*

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couple with height differences but get this: the younger one is the taller one


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Anonimo → Can someone explain to me the decision made by Blaine that he is so heartbroken that he gets kicked out of school that it's a good idea to go back to Dalton where everything would remind him of Kurt and remind him of their relationship and the proposal and will probably depress him even more.




LOL you’re thinking WAY too logically my friend.  Glee doesn’t work well with logic and reason.

The real Blaine would never get kicked out of school in the first place. Even after nasty first breakup when he was depressed for months he’s managed to go to school, get exellent grades, join a million clubs. The real Blaine would do exactly that even if he and Kurt couldn’t make it.
The spoilers we get is just cheaply written AU that have nothing in common with canon.

It’s true. Even with the depression from the break up, he was still 3rd in line for valedictorian. Flunking out is sooooo far out of character. (so is their break up…and him cheating in season 4)


klaine + blaine being sick on their anniversary

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Anonimo → Oh, look more Miarren that someone just happened to spot and put on video and or photograph? What a shocker.


The irony of the situation is not lost on me at all

but I find it humorous is so many ways

video if you haven’t seen it:

Shine On Media - who filmed the event - and posted a bunch of videos of one direction - posted this ONE video of the crowd - specifically mentioning two of the girls from Fifth Harmony - since they focused the camera COMPLETELY on two of the five and kept Darren and Mia in the shot

call it a coincidence, call it unintentional, call it whatever helps you to sleep at night

What I call it is an on going joke


remember when he went to the Taylor Swift concert (gloriously alone) and danced and partied with total random strangers and loved EVERY minute of the concert - same at imagine dragons (alone?! - still a mystery)

What is he doing here

 his arms across his chest most of this video, he sings along a little bit obviously raptured temporarily by the energy and excitement of the girls in front of him - but he quickly schools himself back and restrains - does that seem like Darren at a concert to you?

and true this is the only snippet of an over hour long concert

but honestly ask yourself if it is plausible that this was merely the BEST shot captured or the only shot?

if it is plausible then it is possible - because the Fifth Harmony girls and Darren were VERY close to this camera operator (and there could have VERY easily been more than one from this company?!)

so this was the chosen shot  - let that sink in.

Yes, he was talking to her - yes he even seemed friendly with her - but honestly the attention was not entirely on the concert - and to me Mia looked bored (this is NOT her kind of music and atmosphere). She looked to the stage with a bit of disinterest at one point and was more interested in showing Darren something on her phone which he looked to temporarily and then went back to his own focal point in front of him.

honestly he can’t be miserable all the time - and he was at a concert of a band that he has been open about liking - I hope he would enjoy himself.

And he took photos with fans - that was great!!

And of course - that beautifully stunning ring - always a joy to see it out! and worn proudly - on that finger……..

take it all in stride - if that is what they(Chris and Darren) have to do - then so will I

Their turn is coming loves - be strong and take it with a grain of salt (sometimes a brick - but you understand)

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"why is my otp on this horrible show"
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